Happy Birthday Dear "knesset" - יומולדת שמח לכנסת!

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Goal- The Chanich will learn the story of establishing the Knesset in a fun way.

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The Story of the Knesset


Goal- The Chanich will learn the story of establishing the Knesset in a fun way.


The Peula is a PPT and the story attach. Show the chanichim the slide show end read the story below. Every time you see a number (1) it’s refer to the slide’s number in the slide show.


The Story:


Hello children!


I am so excited that you came to my birthday. As you already heard in the song, my name is “Kneset”, But it wasn’t always my name. my name was “Haasifa Hamekonenet”, than after two day my name was changed to “Kneset  Israel”. I was named after my grandmother, “Kneset Hagdola”. The “Kneset Hagdola” is the “Sanhedrin” which was a kind of court that judged by Torah lows and public laws. You will see later how much I act like her. 

(1) Today, 56 years ago (don’t tell anyone my real age, it will be our secret). It was the first gathering of the “Kenset”. On their way to Jerusalem everybody came and planted a tree for the holiday of “Tu B’shvat”, The Rosh Hashana “ of the trees, since than planting trees became a tradition as part of my birthdays party.


I don’t want to bore you with all the details so come and I will show you my album. I had a very interesting life.

(2) The building that you see in this picture is my old and first house, when I was very young and the “Kneset’s” gathering were held in the jewish agency’s building. I was there for 16 years of discussions and setting rules for the new state of Israel. I didn’t have room for everybody. I was just too small so I moved to a new house,


(3) Oh, how nice I remember this picture very well. It was the day of the building  “Corner stone”. It was a very exiting, there were so many important people, (4) David Ben Guryon was also there, you know, he is the man who declared the state of Israel.


After 16 years my current house was ready, you all know where it is!  In “Kiryat  Hamemshala”  you want to see how I looked. (5) Here this is me, like I looked  on the day we moved  inside the building. I looked more or less the same today????  With a few minimal change!!!?? I haven’t seen this picture in years.


Now, I will show you the inside, where important things are happening. (6) This is “Olam Hameliah” here the “Kneset” has all gatherings “Kenest “ member discussions, and begining of  new laws. In order to create a law in a democratic way the  “Kenest” members vote and the chairman of the “Kneset” counts how many members vote and how many against. I am sure it was an important vote, because the room is not always full like that


(7) As you can see, the 120 seats in the room are set in rows in the shape of a semi circle. The number and order of the chairs is similar to the number and order of the chairs my grandmother, “ Hasanherdrin” had in her house, You remember, I told you about my grandmother.  Don’t I look like her?


(8) Now see this picture this room is the “Cabint Room”. This room is very important. Here sits only the prime minister and the ministers. like the minister of defense, the minister of health etc.


And now to the last room and my personal favorite is …… (9) the office of the Prime Minister. We had so many of them and I remember each and every one. Each one was different than the other and had a different agenda. It was an honor for me to have those special people in my home.


(10) So, this is it. Thank you for listening. Next time when you are in Israel come to visit me. I have so many more stories.

(11) Now you know where to find me. I am waiting here for you.   


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