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Yom Haatzmaut - Ideas - יום העצמאות-רעיונות

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תוכן הפעולה

Yom Ha’atzmaut



Program and Mincha begins at .

Rabbi – Welcome.


Yom Hazikaron portion:

  1. Bnei Akiva flag ceremony.

  2. Israeli flag pulled down + minute of silence.
  3. Kids read from text while lighting yizkhor candles – Power point with pictures while speaking.
  4. El Male Rachamim.
  5. 5 minute film made by kids for kids (Israeli organization kids 4 kids).


Yom Ha'atzmaut ceremony:

  1. Israeli flag raised.
  2. Tefilah chagigit.

  3. Bnei Akiva Shaliach speaks.
  4. Short musical/visual presentation + Bnei Akiva flag ceremony.
  5. Short sendoff ceremony and b'hatzlacha gifts to this year graduates going to study in Israel.
  6. Short words from one of these kids about why they are going to Israel.

  7. Bnei Akiva presentation.
  8. Yad Achim + Hatikva.


Food and dance portion:

  1. Lots of delicious Israeli food
  2. Either Israeli DJ or live local musicians in a band for dancing.
  3. Israeli decorations etc.


הערות כלליות

The ideas are general...

You sould put in contents...

(you can look for more information on the site and the links...)

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