Short Purim Plays - רעיונות להצגות בפורים

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9 ideas for plays on Purim

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Purim Monsters, Inc

Monsters collect screams for the Scream Gragger by sneaking into children’s rooms, scaring them and collecting their screams.  One Purim all the collected screams are missing.  They investigate the problem.  Upon entering one girl’s room they scare her, but nothing happens.  They then realize her mouth is taped shut.  Who is taping shut the mouths of children to prevent them from screaming?  It turns out to be Namah.  Why was Namah doing this?  Namah, spelled backwards, is Haman.  Namah is a descendant of Haman and is tired of everyone disliking him/her and booing him/her.  The solution—Namah is told to boo at Haman’s name, too.  That makes Namah very happy and everyone has a screaming good time.


There is one song and about 10 characters.  There is interaction with the audience.


A Rugrat’s Purim

The babies tell the story.


Mordecai Potter and Voldehaman’s Revenge

McVashtigall is banished from Choppedliverworts.  Dumblesuerus looks for a new headmistress.  Mordecai Potter heads the Mitzvah Wizards.  Esthermione is chosen queen by the Sorting Kippah.  Voldehaman seeks revenge on Mordecai Potter who won’t bow and keeps calling him silly.  Esther enters Dumblesuerus’ chambers with the help of the invisibility tallis.  Voldehaman’s plot is revealed.


The Purim Toy Story

Woody, Jesse, Buzz Lightyear, Potato Head and others become the Purim story characters and tell the story. 


A Bug’s Life at Purim

Every year the ants have to make lots of hamantaschen for Hamanhopper who, if not pleased, will become hopping mad and stamp them out.  The chief hamantaschen maker, Hannah the caterpillar, has an accident.  Her many hands are burned and she can’t cook.  Mordeflik saves the day.  He tells the children in the audience that they can have a big grasshopper for their science project.  When Hamanhopper returns, he is captured by children and taken away.


It’s a Dr. Seuss Purim

A Purim story with a contest.  The traditional story is told.  In the dialogue are many titles of Dr. Seuss books.  The audience can be divided into teams. The team which recognizes most titles gets a prize at the end.


Estar Wars

Empress Vashti, Mordecai Skywalker and the Jewdi Knights, Reish 2 Dalet 2, Darth Haman and the Syncopating Stormtroopers, Estar and Obihaynahora tell the story.  The Knights win by using their secret weapon—schmaltz.


Chai Noon

A western version of the Purim story


An Incredible Purim

The Purim characters become superheroes.  There is Hilarious Ahasuerius, Vanishing Vashti, Muscle Man Mordecai, Electrifying Esther, Harmless Haman.  This is an interactive play.  Each character has an accompanying sound which the audience makes when their name is stated. 

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