Love Story...or Is It?

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Mixed marriage - dillema (story).doc (28 KB)

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To teach the chanachim about the problems of mixed marriage - through the story.

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Love Story…or is it?


David was a typical Jewish kid. He went to a mostly Jewish public school, hung out mostly with Jewish friends and never really thought about his people or his religion. David went to Sunday school and synagogue on the high holidays, but it never meant very much to him. It was just something that everyone did. He knew he was Jewish, but it was never really an issue.


One summer David worked for a mostly Jewish summer camp. It was a hard job - but David really liked working with kids and he liked the challenge and the opportunity to make new friends.


One night the camp decided to sleep out in the woods. David took his group out on a nature hike and a swim on the lake. When the time for dinner came, David built a great campfire- and all the kids ate hot-dogs, hamburgers and smores (they didn't even think about kashrut). The kids sang songs and told ghost stories and David went to sleep content and happy.


For some strange reason (maybe it was all the hot-dogs) David didn't sleep for long. He woke up and everyone else was still asleep and it was hours until morning. Try as he might, he could not go back to bed. Frustrated, David decided to go for a walk. He found the trail to the lake - he'd always wanted to see the lake in the moonlight - and began walking. It was a short trail and when he got there and he sat down on the sand and gazed out at the water.


Suddenly a voice called his name. He was a bit startled, but it was only Catherine - a counselor for one of the girls groups. David didn't really know Catherine well, but when she sat down next to him and smiled, he fell head over heels in love with her. She was so pretty and so kind and so amazing. The two talked all night and held each other as the sun came up. Both of them knew then that they were meant for each other, and they have been together ever since. Now, three wonderful years later, they are engaged to be married. They are so happy and everybody else is happy for them too.


There's only one problem - Catherine's not Jewish 


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