Mystery Peula - Taf

פרטי הקובץ :

סוג פעולה : פעולה בשפה: אנגלית

גילאים 6 - 9

גודל קבוצה 5 - 30

משך הפעולה : 90 דקות

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מטרת הפעולה
Teach the chanachim about the history of the jewish people and eretz yisrael.

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תוכן הפעולה

We'll be at the Zemelman's right after davening.  We'll hold this quick peula right after lunch...

What we'll do, is we'll set the scenario, then read aloud the clues as they come up.  They have to figure out where the clue leads to, and locate that city/place on a map.  Then maybe we can talk a little about that place, then go on to the next clue.  If anyone is wondering how these clues (in the form of diary entries) got to these places... i don't know.  They're just there.

Ok, here's the story:  Israel's leading scientist, (in an israeli accent) Prrrrofessorrrrr Zman, has gone missing.  Israel relies on the professor for important advancements in military technology, medicine, etc.  In other words, he is an invaluable part of Israeli society.  We have a suspicion that his latest invention, a time machine, is related to his dissappearance.  We need to track him down to Israeli history!!!!!

Prrrrofessorrr Zman was also a big fan of Israeli history.  He had a huge, famous collection of diaries from Israeli history.  As he travels through history, it appears as though he keeps dropping pages from these diaries, which serve as good clues as to where he’s gone.  

In his lab, we found our first clue:

1) *We're going on a trip this week to visit Avraham and Sara, Yosef and Yaakov, No, they're not alive!  We're going to visit Ma'arat Hamachpelah* (Chevron)

2) We are in the desert up on a high place.  Our leader Mordechai ben Yair is deep in thought.  The Romans are surrounding us and they are getting closer and closer.  We don't want to surrender b/c then we'll be their slaves and our Jewish identities will be lost... (Masada)

3) It’s been many long months – many tiring, desperate months spent pushing back the swamps and fighting malaria.  But finally, we have something that we can be proud of – the first kibbutz in Eretz Yisrael.  We’re working the land! (D’gania kibbutz)

4) We settled the land and started to work it, but there’s no water!  Wer’e getting so thirsty!  It’s so hard to work the land, when there’s no water.  I hope someone named David Ben-Gurion would come and bring us some water! (Be’er Sheva)

5) All I wanted was to get into Eretz Yisrael – the land of the Jewish people.  Instead, the British caught me and the others on the boat trying to sneak past the border.  Now, I’m stuck in this awful prison which isn’t even a part of halachic israel.  I wish we could finally get the State of Israel, and I can leave this infamous prison.  (Acco)

6)  I walked across the beach, expecting to see many people in the streets and clubs since it is the party city.  However, I didn’t see anyone; the streets were empty, and the fading sound of radios was heard from the homes all around.  Then I remembered – today is the day  the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE will be declared by David Ben-Gurion.  I rushed independence hall in the very middle of…. (Tel Aviv) 

7) Here we are, trapped in our settlement, fighting against the Arabs.  We are expecting our supplies from Yerushalayim soon – Yerushalayim is so close, and yet so far away… I can see it in the distance, yet in this bloody war, I realize that it is virtually impossible for help to arrive at our isolated settlement… (Gush Etzion)

8) We have to go into this city, which is old and holy.  We have to fight in the six day war.  We will win the war and go to pray at an old wall which symbolizes the strength of the Jewish people! (Yerushalayim)

9) I have just heard about a SPECTACULAR Israel shabbat taking place in Cleveland!  I want to go check it out, and see how much the people there have learned about Israeli history.  Signed, Prrrrofessorrrrrr Zman

At this point, we get all excited…. We look around and say, “Oh my gosh, where is he?  That clue means that he’s here!  Where’s professor zman?”   Then _____ jumps out (whoever wants to volunteer), with a costume/sign indicating that he is the professor.  We all get excited!!!!


And that’s it… see you all there!


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