The Years Leading Up To The Churban

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 The objective of this peulah is to give kids an understanding of the years leading up to the churban. Chances are the chanichim do not know too much about this time period. Points to be discussed 

The split between Judah and the rest of Israel.

The various kings that ruled.

The reign of Hezekiah, his trouble with Sennacherib, and his water supply for Jerusalem.

Menasseh, the idol worshipping king of Judah.

While understanding the history of the time is the main objective of this peulah the game will try to demonstrate how the split in Israel was bad for the Jewish people

עזרים נדרשים

Materials: Have a two team game prepared with different sets of rules

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Pick a game that involves two teams, any game it doesn’t matter! Give each team a different set of rules for the game. Do not tell the teams that they have different rules for the game. Have them play the game and watch as disaster reigns. Example: lets say you are playing capture the flag. Tell one team that they are not allowed to hide the flag, they must keep it within view. Tell the other team that they are free to hide the flag wherever they want. Tell one team they can guard jail tell the other team they cannot. Tell one team they need to be tagged to escape from jail, the other does not. Tell one team they must tag the opposing team to send them to jail. Tell the other team the must carry the player from the opposing team to jail. You don’t necessarily have to play capture the flag, it really doesn’t matter the game. The point is to show the havoc a divided nation can cause. The Jews should act as one nation working to a common goal. A split in the nation does more than create two different leaders, it creates two nations. The way of life in this time period was not a good one for the Jews and it eventually lead to the destruction of the temple.


How did you feel about the other team when they were playing by there own set of rules?

Did you feel like you were playing a game together, for a common goal? (having fun)

If having two separate sets of rules in one game was hard, can you imagine two sets of rules and two different leaders in one nation?

Do you think the split in Israel resulted in the Churban? If so, how?

Now it is time for a little history lesson. The kids may not be so into it at first, but try to make it fun and interesting. Bribery works too, and don’t make it so long!.

It is best if you (the madrichim) could skim through the end of Melachim aleph and Melachim bet to refresh yourself on this time period- its in every tanach. Here is just a quick primer:

Judah and Israel split

various kings rule over both (none were particularly great)

Hezekiah rules over Jerusalem

Sennacherib besieges Jerusalem

he backs out to fight another nation

Isaiah prophecizes his return and defeat

when his armies return they are smote by an angel of G_d

Hezekiah develops a water supply for Jerusalem

Menasseh, king of Judah influences his people to worship idols and leads to the Churban


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