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סוג פעולה : פעולה בשפה: אנגלית

גילאים 8 - 12

גודל קבוצה 8 - 20

משך הפעולה : 60 דקות

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מטרת הפעולה

To get the chanichim to understand how much Am Yisrael has worked for the state and hopefully for them to realize why we can’t stop fighting for it.

עזרים נדרשים
A treat for the group, a chair

תוכן הפעולה


Working For a Goal Peula


Written By: Cleveland

Age:  Chevraya alef

Suitable for Shabbat

Props: A treat for the group, a chair

Goal: To get the chanichim to understand how much Am Yisrael has worked for the state and hopefully for them to realize why we can’t stop fighting for it.


This Peula can be a ton of fun and it has a really good message at the end, but it all depends on you madrichim to get the message out correctly.

Stage 1:

Show the chanichim a jar of candy/box of cookies and make it very clear to them that they will get the whole thing ONLY when they accomplish the following 10 tasks.

Stage 2:

The tasks:

1)      Sing the song “Kol Haolam Kulo” with all the hand motions, twice.

2)      Hop to the other end of the hallway, and skip back (the WHOLE group must participate)

3)      Everyone has to lift one of the group members on a chair according to his/her age (10 years old, 10 times… etc.)

4)      Drop and give me 20 pushups.

5)      Make up a commercial explaining why you deserve the candy (has to be convincing)

6)      Stand in line in order of birthdays (January first)

7)      Now stand in line according to hair length (or shoe size or height…)

8)      Make a pyramid with yourselves (each row stands on their hands and knees, on top of the row under them)

9)       Everyone has to take off their shoes, The madrich has to mix them up in a pile in the middle of the circle, and then everyone has to find their shoes and put them back on again.

10)  Play “tangle me”  (stand in a circle, grab random hands so that the group is all twisted up, and then without letting go of any hands, get untangled, till the group is standing in a perfect circle.

Stage 3:

The kids, who have probably been counting the tasks they have done, will demand their prize at this point. 

Say: “You guys did great on all the 10 tasks!  And now… I thought about it, and I’m NOT going to give you the prize!  Shabbat shalom! Enjoy the rest of your night/day!”

*If the chanichim are normal, they will put up a fight.  Argue with them for a minute, and then…

Stage 4: -the point of the whole thing

Settle them down (important!)  And explain to them:  Am Yisrael Worked incredibly hard to get Eretz Yisrael, just like you worked really hard to get this treat.  (You can go into details if there is time:  they did physical work, political negotiating…just like the tasks you did).  And they waited 2000 years to return to Israel, just like you waited for this, Do you really think that Am Yisrael can just give up Eretz Yisrael now, without a fight?!?

Stage 5:

When they get the metaphor, give them the prize. 


*If there is any extra time, play anything that comes to mind… (Tag, red light green light, broken telephone…)

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