Chutes And Yaacov's Ladder

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סוג פעולה : פעולה בשפה: אנגלית

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מטרת הפעולה

Goal: To review the story of Yaacov and his dream and some trivia about Israel, and of course to have fun!!

עזרים נדרשים

Materials: a large remake of the chutes and ladders game board, pieces

תוכן הפעולה

Shortly talk about Yaacov's sleep and dream. Discuss things like the angels from Israel changing with those from out of Israel, speak about how all the land of Israel gathers up under Yaacov, and how he is promised the land of Israel forever. Then get to the game with questions about Israel that is so spoken in this Parsha.

We're playing chutes and ladders!!!! Only with ladders

Remember that the parsha begins with Yaacov's Ladder.

Split them up into a few teams, and use keys or something for pieces.  When a team arrives at the top/bottom of a ladder, they answer a question.  If they get it right, they either go up the ladder, or stay at the top (depending on where they are), and if they get it wrong they either stay where they are, or go down (once again, depending on where they are).  That's it. .

Here are some optional questions, they are at different levels so choose according to the group or make up more of your own:

¨      Where did Yaacov leave from? (beer Sheva)

¨      Where did Yaacov sleep? (Beit El)

¨      What direction did he walk in? (from south to north east)

¨      How many stones did yaacov have under his head in the morning? (1)

¨      How many flocks of sheep were waiting by the well when Yaakov arrived? (3)

¨      How long did Yaacov work for Lavan for free? (1 month)

¨      How many steps did the ladder have? (no answer just see what they say)

¨      Where did Yaacov go after he left Lavan? (Machanayim)

¨      Where is Machanayim? (between the Galil and the Golan)

¨      Which is further north - Haifa or Yerushalayim? (chaifa)

¨      Order these from north to south: negev, shomron, galil, golan

¨      What is the southernmost city in Israel? (Eilat)

¨      In what year did Israel gain its independance? (48)

¨      In what war did we recapture Yerushalayim? (6 day war, 1967)

¨      What is the Hebrew word for the Bnei Akiva symbol? (semel)

¨      What is the capitol of Israel? (Jerusalem)

¨      What do the two lines on the Israeli flag symbolize? (Talit)

¨      Name 2 Israeli Prime Ministers

¨      Name 1 woman prime minister in Israel (Golda Meir)

¨      Name 5 Israeli cities

¨      Who is the biggest airport in Israel named after? (Ben-Gurion)

¨      What is moving to Israel is called? (Aliya)

¨      What is the southern desert in Israel called? (Negev)

¨      What is the lowest spot in the earth? (the Dead Sea)

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Suitable for Shabbat (requires some prior preparation)

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