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סוג פעולה : משחק בשפה: אנגלית

גילאים 10 - 18

גודל קבוצה 10 - 55

משך הפעולה : 45 דקות

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נצפה: 2173
הורד: 1508

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TYPE: Moderate

Players sit in a circle

The players are divided into four teams.  Each team must shout a word when the leader (conductor) points to them.  The first group must shout "Chinga," the second group "Pa-Na-Ma," the third group "Vy-Did-He-Do," and the fourth group "Ehh . . . Boom"!  This game is dependent on the leader for he must create a rhythm by combining the different shouts using a "beat.”


Hint:  For best results, each team should have at least fifteen to twenty players.

Variation:  If a group hesitates from making a sound when pointed to, they lose one point.  The group with the highest number of points wins.

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