9th Grade Adar Peula - פעולת אדר לכתה ט

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מטרת הפעולה

Goal: to teach the chanichim some Purim/Adar games!

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Be happy – peula in Purim / Adar Spirit


Topic: Adar/Purim

Written by: Netanel Afek, Cleveland

Age: 9th grade (leadership training)


Goal: to teach the chanichim some Purim/Adar games!


Step 1: The Happy Machine

First of all, to get into the mood, atmosphere, and the right spirit, we’ll play “the happy machine”. The way the game goes is, you go around the circle (preferably sit everyone facing each other) and pick someone to start off with a sound. Whatever sound it may be, have him repeat it over and over and over and over and over… again. While he’s repeating it, have someone else join in with a different sound, and so on. You’ll find that your chanichim can be really creative about strange and random stuff… when everybody’s doing it, you can just let it go for a little while (but it loses the effect after too long) – look back at it, and just start laughing. Trust me, it would not be hard.


Step 2: “Ima, my tummy hurts!”

Ok, now that we’re all in funny and laughy mood, we can put on a short skit. This game is usually played with the following skit, but feel free to add in your own crazy and funny lines (“hi sweety, how was military academy?”, “we dissected chickens today… what’s for dinner?”, “it’s my nose – no, it’s my eye – no, it’s my pinky – no, it’s my left arm – no, it’s the bottom of my third toe on my left foot – no, it’s my tummy! Ima, my tummy hurts!”, mom can kick/tickle (gently!) the kid to see if he’s really dead, etc, etc, etc!). make sure you change actors and let all the kids play.


Actors: Mom



Kid comes home and says: “Ima, my tummy hurts!”

Mom: “we better call the Doctor then”

(the Doctor arrives) “Weeoo weeoo weeoo”

(kid falls to the floor)

mom: “oh my, he’s dead!”


At this point, you, the director, shout CUT (at the top of your lungs… or not) and say “that was too boring!!! It needs to be more ______________ !” (do this many times. Each time insert another accent or style: British ("mommy - my bloody tummy seems to hurt!” ”by golly - we betta' call the docto'!”), western, dramatic, valley girl, japanese, ballet dancer, chassidish, and anything else that comes to mind. LET THE CHANICHIM think of ideas if they can).


Step 3: Adar Races

Divide the chanichim into two group, and make every two chanichim a pair – not necessarily from the same group. The two teams run around in two circles, and the moment you say a certain word, like “chashverosh!” “ester” and the such, they have to do a certain action. List below. Kids usually like this game ‘cause they can be very active.

Achashverosh – get your pair on your shoulders (rosh…)

Vaizata – make a bridge with your body, and have your pair crawl under it

Adar Bet – join hands with your pair, both of you lift a leg, and jump together to a specific point

Megillah – have someone lie on the ground, and the pair should jump criss-crosses on top of him (on his two sides)

Hamantashen – give your pair a piggy-back ride

Bigtan Vateresh – join hands with your pair from behind, and race, sideways to a point

            On certain actions, you’d have to say “switch” at some point. For some actions you’ll have to set a start and finish line. Keep in mind you’ll have to practice these a lot before the kids get what they’re supposed to do… fun time (even just looking at the chanichim doing it) guaranteed.




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