פרטי הקובץ :

סוג פעולה : משחק בשפה: אנגלית

גילאים 10 - 18

גודל קבוצה 10 - 58

משך הפעולה : 45 דקות

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נצפה: 2032
הורד: 1469

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תוכן הפעולה

·        Knots – to form the knot, stand in circle, shoulder to shoulder, and place your hands in the centre. Now everybody grabs a couple of hands. If you ever want to get out of this, make sure that no-one holds both hands with the same person or holds the hand of the person right next to him/her. The group now has to un-knot itself without anyone letting go of their hands. When the last knot is unravelled you will find yourselves in one large circle or, occasionally, two interconnecting ones.

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