Secret In The Megilat Esther

האירועים במגילה אינם מקרה ולמרות שלא רואים בגלוי, הכל מכוון על ידי הקב"ה.

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Peulah For Shabbat Parshat Chukat-balak

Goal: the subject of snif this week is “Ben Adam l’chavero.” This is interaction between one (wo) man to another (wo) man. We’re supposed to talk about how one little action can effect our lives is an extremely dramatic way. Although a little action can have from very little to no affect on somebody’s life at all whatsoever, it is our job to stress the fact that it can.

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Mia- Our Soldiers

A PPT about the MIA with pics of each one of them

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Building A Yishuv In Eretz Yisrael

Think about what the ideal Yishuv should look likeClarify your values on the Hityashvut.See the dilemmas facing people living in

IsraelSee how you can affect your life more by living in

IsraelSee what a place planned by and for only Jewish people can be like.

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Short Article
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