De La Diaspora A Israel

conversar sobre las posibilidades de Alia

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The Religious Kibbutz


To discuss the purpose and accomplishments of the religious kibbutzim in settlement and security during the founding of the State and since, combination of technology and halacha, and social contributions.

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Short Article
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Hamossad - Medinat Yisrael

Familiarize the chanichim with the achievements of the Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Network; Illustrate some of the skills needed to be a Mossad agent.

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Getting To Know Israel's Map

מטרת הפעולה: להכיר מקומות בארץ ישראל, ואת מיקומם על המפה.

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We will remember all of them
We will remember all of them
Name list of all the soldiers who were killed in the israeli wars, their pictures and their life stories. Missives and letters to the bereaved famlies from "Sar Habitachon" (The security minister) Information about Yom Hazikaron Haklali
Bar & Bat Mitzvah children are building a jewish world
You have reached the age of 12/13 and you are planning your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Interact with Israeli friends your age, who will be your twin group! Learn an exciting and interactive educational program and for the first time – the program includes an unprecedented trip to Israel and an Oath to Jerusalem at the Western Wall!
Torah Mitzion
Torah Mitzion
biblical discourse for all the festivals of the year