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The goal:

To understand, that the giving is something, that you cant leave without it, and you have to have it. Each one has the Midah of Netina , in himself, but you can make your Midah much bigger. It all depends on you.

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the Chanichim should understand that the water situation in Israel is not good. The water condition in Israel reflects our connection with God and if we are good Ben Adam LeChavero and Ben Adam LeMakom it will show in the rain. This basic assumption is right for both Jews in Israel and the entire world.

Therefore our behavior in Chutz La'aretz affects the water in Israel.

Israel needs water!!!

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Shabbat & Art

To appreciate and enjoy Shabbos.

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G.17. Blob

Youll have to agree on boundaries for this game: some people will go to any lengths to avoid being caught by the Blob!

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