Building A Yishuv In Eretz Yisrael

Think about what the ideal Yishuv should look likeClarify your values on the Hityashvut.See the dilemmas facing people living in

IsraelSee how you can affect your life more by living in

IsraelSee what a place planned by and for only Jewish people can be like.

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Take The Mag

Make chanichim understand the power and responsibility they have to help others

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Moshe Rabeenoe

Men zich laten realiseren dat op 7 adar Moshe Rabeenoe is overleden.

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The Religious Chalutz


To define the religious chalutz by:

1.   placing him into the context of  the groups present in pre-State Israel and

2.   presenting the balance of being religious and building the Land, which the religious chalutzim maintained.

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Short Article
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