"shem" & The "holiness" Of Eretz Yisrael

 מטרות השיעור

                      1.         להבין את החילוק בין שני מושגים: שם א"י: הגבולות הפיזיים של א"י. קדושת א"י: המקומות בהם שייכים מצוות התלויות בארץ.

                      2.         שבחה של א"י.         

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Post Zion

To have the chanachim think about what zionism means to them and to show that even though Israel ahs changed from a country facing military and technological difficulties to a high-tech, modern, well-armed nation does not eman Zionism is dead.

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The chanichim will understand the dilemma that the government is faced when a soldier is kidnapped, and feel connected to the difficulty and pain on a personal level.

The chanichim will become familiar with the stories of the major MIAs.

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Short Article
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