K.3. Road Map

An experienced moderator should be responsible for running this exercise, as there will be private moments and shared ones which might be sensitive. A large sheet of paper per person and pencil, or felt-tip pen, are required.

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The West Culture

מטרה: לחזק את הזהות היהודית, ושהחניך יבין שבחובתנו לפעול בצורה מסויימת על מנת להימנע מהשפעה מוחלטת של תרבות המערב.

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Shavuot And Megillat Ruth

1. To learn about Shavuot through its many names2. To consider the different minhagim (customs) of Shavuot and understand their relevance3. To know the 'story' of Megillat Ruth

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Jewish - Holidays - Chanukka
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