How To Run A Local Veida

Goals of the local Veida:

Increasing the youth’s involvement and strength

Allowing every member to influence the movement and its future

Setting goals and planning ways to achieve them

Accepting new challenges and aspirations

Pausing for a moment, taking a look from the side and figuring out our future

(send recommendations and delegates to the continent/World Veida)

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Lag B'omer

Teach the chanachim about lag b'omer.

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The War Against Binyamin

Goal: The chanichim should see the irony in the Am Israel going to war against Shevet Binyamin, and how in this civil war, they accomplish everything that they were not able to accomplish when attempting to conquer the land in the 1st perek. This ends the Sefer on an extremely depressing note, stressing again that Am Israel need strong moral leaders in order that anarchy and events like this civil war, do not happen again.

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Shabbat Ve Nahafochu Ideas

Here are a few ideas that can make your Shabbat special. You can choose to do them all or just take a few that look like they would be good in your snif.

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