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"oh The Places You'll Go!"

1) Teach the Chanichim about the diversity of Israeli Culture in the cities around the country.

2) Emphasize the positive traits and values which we can learn from each of these places/sects of Israeli society.

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100 To Israel

התיאור הדמיוני על יחסנו לחגיגות המאה למדינה עשוי לתת חומר למחשבה על יחסנו אליה היום

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60 Jaar Israel

Informatie geven over 60 jaar Israel

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60 To Israel- Education System

הסרט מכיל עובדות על מערכת החינוך בישראל באנגלית

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Ahavat Olam, Or Lagoyim

Imbue chanichim with pride for what Israel does around the world

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Al Hamapa- Dani Kerman

 מחשבות על מפת ישראל מאת המאייר והסטיריקן דני קרמן

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aimed for gaining basic information about Israel.

10 minutes about…



A tradition of Aliya

This is the term used to describe a Jew's immigration to Israel. Literally it means 'uplifting'. Jews move upwards to Israel. The tradition of Aliya goes back for thousands of years. Ever since they were exiled, Jews have always yearned to return to their homeland. The Bible talks about God's promise to bring the Jewish people home:

"For I will take you from among the nations, and gather you out of all countries and will bring you into your own land... Then you will live in the land which I gave to your fathers, and you will be my people, and I will be your God." (Yechezkel 36:24,28)

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Ben Gurion

Om de Chanichim meer te leren over het leven van Ben Gurion

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Bumper Sticker Song Peulah

Objective:  To expose the chanichim to the different religious, political and social aspects of Israeli society. 

In addition, to give the chanichim an opportunity to think about how and why Israeli society manifests these different views in the ways that it does.  (ie why bumper stickers?)

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Colour War (israel)

To teach chanachim the history of Israel through a human board game/quiz.

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