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Eli Cohen

to learn about the 12 Meraglim (spies); To learn about Eli Cohen

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Eli Cohen

to learn about the 12 Meraglim (spies); To learn about Eli Cohen

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Miriam And Lashon Hara

Goals: To learn about the life of Miriam; To think about the repercussions of what we say and how we say it – Lashon Hara.

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Shabat Shira- Yam Suf And Singing

Teach about the nature of Yam Suf, and a little about how song can reflect our religious nature.

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The War Against The Jews

Aims OF Peula:

·        For the chanichim to have a better and clearer picture of the history of the Holocaust.

·        For them to realise that ALL Jews were persecuted regardless of what country they were in during the Second World War occupation.

·        To see that Nazi Germany made special laws against the Jews.

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