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Recommended Links

Succot from Kipa Succot from Kipa
Shiurim and educational ideas about Succot
Knesset- Tu bishvat Knesset- Tu bishvat
JR- Jewish - Holocaust
166 links to learn about the Holocaust. Site languages include English, Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
Jewish Freeware For Pessach
downloadable games and hagadda for pessach
Yeladudim- Chanuka-Songs Yeladudim- Chanuka-Songs
Pbase- The Sigd photo Pbase- The Sigd photo
Pics from the sigd holiday
Yeshiva.org- Pidyon Shvuyim Yeshiva.org- Pidyon Shvuyim
Bar/Bat Mitzva from Daat Bar/Bat Mitzva from Daat
Ideas for Bar/Bat Mitzva programs