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Age: 8-14
Group Size: 10-50
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Resource Goal

To familiarize the chanichim with three different famous roads to Yerushalayim that took place during 3 different tkufot (time periods).

Resource Contents

Game: The chainichim will be divided up into 3 groups. In each group, the chanichim are trying to reach the Kotel, which will be symbolized by a chair in the middle of the room. Each group will start off from a different starting point.

The chanichim advance by answering questions about Israel and their tkufa correctly. The chanichim will advance one by one with the one in the front holding a baton.

For instance, chanicha A gets a question right. She stays where she is, and the next chanicha in line goes ahead of her and gets the baton and answers a question. Then a 3rd chanicha goes in front of her, until everyone has gone and then the last one in line has a turn again, and so forth.

The 3 different groups will be:

Group A: Paratroopers trying to get to the Kotel in the 1967 war. They are starting off at Har Hazeitim (Mount of Olives), and coming through Lions Gate, and then through Har HaBayit until the Kotel. Their baton will be an Israeli Flag to raise over the Kotel when they capture it.

Group B: A group of Jews from the time of the Beit HaMikdash, coming from Chevron, on their way to Yerushalayim, doing Aliya LeRegel for Pesach. Their baton is a sheep (a.k.a. Korban Pesach).

Group C: Palmach soldiers building the Burma road in 1948, trying to make a by-pass road to Yerushalayim to break the siege there and bring up food and supplies. Their Baton will be something that looks like a pavestone (because theyre building the road).

Well split the madrichot up with between each group. You guys should first try to explain to ur chanichim what time period theyre in and what exactly theyre trying to do. (Do like a 5 minute intro). Then start the game. Ill wrap it up at the end.

So for Group A, ask the kids what happened in 67, (try to explain to them that after 48 the kotel was off limits to the Jews), whats Har HaZeitim, Does anyone know whos buried there? Then explain to them what to do and start the game.

For Group B: Whats Aliya Leregel? How did Jews travel then? Bus, car, donkey?? On which holidays did we do Aliya LRegel?

Group C: Whats a siege? Who were the Palmach?. Ask then if any of them have ever heard about the Burma Road before they probably havent.

Short history lesson: In June 48 the Arab Legion had a tight siege on the main road to Jerusalem and many attempts to break through by the Palmach failed and the situation was desperate- no food/water left in Jerusalem. So an American fighter named Mickey Marcus, discovered by driving his jeep through the mountains a new road, and during many nights, Palmach fighters worked on clearing and paving that road so jeeps could travel on it, and after bringing supplies on that road by trucks they were still 300 miles short, so a hundred men walked the last distance carrying the bags of food and supplies on their backs!! (its a pretty crazy story).

Then Ill give you a list of questions to ask the kids during the game if they get it right they move up a step, if not they stay where they are and next kid goes Ill also write up the 5 minute intro about each road that you just read. Ok so hopefully this sniff will be fun and exciting and also chinuchi. See you guys on shabbos!!


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