Important Things To Think About When You Prepare A Peula - ?

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Resource Goal

Think about it!!! Important things to think about when you prepare a peula

Resource Contents


The goal must be clear to the madrich before he starts the peula. and the chanich should understand this goal at the end.

A peula without a goal

Confuses the madrich

Confuses the chanich

A game without a goal is good sometimes but not as the main part of the peula.

Adapting the peula to the chanichim:

You must adapt the peula to the:

Age of your chanichim

Place and conditions (weather?)


Amount of chanichim.

If the peula doesnt fit the chanichims level it will create frustration.

The level of the peula is too high: the chanich didnt understand what you are talking about.

The level of the peula is too low: the chanich thinks you are treating him like a baby a madrich isnt a babysitter!


Tidiness begins with writing the peula before shabbat with all its steps.

A written peula gives you control over what you are doing.

If the peula is planned well, you can make spontaneous changes without letting the chanich feel that you dont know your job.


The goal of education is to promote ideals , messages,ideas and actions to the feelings and lives of your chanichim.This aim obligates us to think of the best way to deliver these messages to our chanichim.

The method of the peula arouses the experience. If the experience leaves an impression on the chanich,he will remember it.

These methods enable your chanich to express himself

Methods in a peula:





make sure the method fits your shevet.

Rules in the peula:

rules give control.

Rules must be enforced.

What can we do?Education is also about rules although a youth movement isnt a school.

A madrich shoud define his own rules and guidelines Dugma Ishit.


The chanich goes home with a clear message.

A summary helps to explain the connection between the steps of the peula.

Ask questions and make the chanichim summarise the peula on their own.

The summary must be short and brief.

' can be a summary sometimes.

T h I n k a b o u t I t !!!

Good luck!

Dont forget to enjoy it too!

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