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Resource Type: Peula in: Hebrew
Age: 8-12
Group Size: 10-50
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Resource Goal
Gaining knowledge about the map of Israel through a game

Required Props & Materials

1.Make a huge map of Israel, out of two Bristol boards.

2.Draw different major cities on it, and make questions about those cities.

Then cut out the map you made into puzzle pieces and place

them around the shul.

3.On the question sheets, write the letters of am echad belev echad

Resource Contents

The game:

When your chanichim get to the puzzle pieces, ask them a question. If they get it wrong, you ask them another question. When theyve answered correctly, the back of the question will have another place in the shul written on it. They go there. (Basically, its a scavenger hunt.) On the back of question sheet should also be a letter that in the end will spell out am echad belev echad. (see if anychanichim can figure this out.. if not add it in, at the end.)Once your chanichim are finished have them bring all the puzzle pieces togetherand put the map of Israel together. THEN GIVE YOUR SHPEAL of why its important to know about Israels geography, etc. , after theyve used up all their energy running around.

Here are some questions/statements you can use, or make up your own:

What is a southern city in Israel? (Eilat )

Which president moved to Sedi Boker in order to settle the Negev? (David Ben Gurion)

In which city was the declaration of Independence proclaimed? (Tel Aviv.)

Which is the largest city in the Negev? (Beer Sheva)

The compass rose- says north, south, east, west in Hebrew

( )

This is a picture of which part of Israel? (Golan)

This name is not found in the Torah at all, and is first mentioned as one of the cities that was captured by Yehoshua when the Jews entered into the Promised Land. (Jerusalem)

To which city did Yehoshua send meraglim? (Yericho)

A northern city, this is one of the four holy cities (Tzafat or Tverya)

To which place did 1000 Jews run away from the Romans and saw this place as their last refuge? (Massada)

This city was once called Elonei Mamrei and Kiryat Arba and is known as one of Eretz Yisrael's four holy cities. (Chevron)

Which city has the largest port in Israel? (Haifa)

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