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i'm not quite sure who uploaded this but i made this booklet aver ten years ago for Bnei Akiva UK. I would very much like for my name to be on it as written by me, as a lot of time was taken making that.
By: 6/26/2014 6:21:00 AM por Daniel Mendelsohn

Resource Goal
Many ideas games to add in peula

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A-Z Games

You cant always have 1001 ideas off the top of your head. Use this section when you need an idea or two to add to your peula. This list is by no means exhaustive and for every game you know, you can probably think up one too, so be original! Each game is right for different peulot. Ive included a brief description of each to jog your memory and highlighted some games that you might not know. Make sure the one you choose fits your meeting and have fun!

Adman - In a circle everyone wants to be Adman!

Apple Bobbing - youll need buckets, water and apples dont make a mess!

After Eights Game act out emotions whilst eating those choccies

Advert Game Act out the ads & guess them or advertise something to do with peula



TYPE: Active

Play in a large area

One player is chosen to be "it." He remains "it" until he tags another player who then becomes "it." In this variation of tag, the players can be "safe" only when they stand back to back with another player. No two players may stand back to back for more than five seconds. A time limit is set, and whoever is "it" when the time limit expires, loses.

Variation: Instead of only one "it," all of the players who are tagged remain "it" and can tag other players. The last player to remain untagged at the end of the game wins.

Variation: Add a time limit. If the mouse is caught within the time limit, the cat wins and continues to play with a different mouse. If the mouse is not caught, the cat is replaced and the mouse continues to play.

British Bulldogs Pick a name or call everyone and stop them getting to the other side

Bang Bang youre dead Shoot left & right and make sure you duck!

Bingo The Grannys favourite!

Blind Date Everyone loves Cillas Show

Balloon Debate

Captains coming North, south, east, west, plus additional actions


TYPE: Active

Play in a circle

Two players are chosen. One to be the "Mouse" and the other to be the "Cat". All of the other players join hands in a circle. The cat stands outside the circle and the mouse inside. The cat must "catch" (tag) the mouse. The rest of the players help or hinder the cat by raising or lowering their arms. The cat and mouse can run in and out of the circle, under the other players arms. When the mouse is caught (tagged), two other players are chosen.

Court Case

Catchphrase Say what you see!

Call My Bluff Guess which is the correct word explanation

Chinese Whispers Whisper round the circle and see what you end up with!

Consequences Folding over a sheet and seeing what word / picture comes next

Crystal Maze Adventures in another world

Cluedo Who killed Prof. Mustard in the Billiard Room?


TYPE: Quiet

Play in a circle. A blindfold, a scarf and ten cups are needed.

Two players are chosen from the group. Player A is seated in the middle of the circle, blindfolded, and given a scarf to hold. Ten cups are then placed all around him. Player B must then try to collect all the cups without being hit by player A with the scarf. Player A has only three tries to hit player B. If player A uses up his/her three tries without hitting player B, s/he loses. But if s/he hits player B with the scarf, player 8 loses.

Variation: In a large circle, instead or using a scarf, have player A point to where s/he thinks player B is.

Chocolate Game Youll need dressing up clothes, a knife and fork and lots of choc!

Countdown Conundrum, Numbers & Letters

Cinema trip

Captives Two teams, fists out and 123, then catch whoever loses is captive.

Chair Games

Dressing Up


TYPE: Shtick

Play in a circle

One player is chosen. He must then try to make someone laugh by making funny motions. As soon as someone laughs he must help the first player make others laugh. The next person who laughs then helps those two, etc. The last person not laughing wins.


TYPE: Active

Play in a circle

All of the players but one are seated The standing player (player A) walks around the outside of the circle, tagging the players as he passes them and saying "Duck" after tagging each person. At any time he chooses, player A tags someone and says "Goose." The one who is tagged (player B) gets up and runs after player A trying to tag him. If he succeeds before player A gets back to player B's seat (by running around the circle), player A must once again go around the circle. But if player A gets to player B's seat without being tagged, player B must go around the circle saying: "Duck . . . Duck Goose!"

Dead Lions Lie on the floor and see whos the last to move

Dog & Bone 2 teams, ball in the middle. Number them 1-10 and see who gets it first!


Dares How far will you go?




Elves, Witches & Giants On the floor, crouching and standing up!

Family Fortunes Our survey said

Flash Cards Always good to write up things for a discussion

Film Game Hide the movie title in your answers and get someone to guess


TYPE: Active

Play in a large area.

The group is divided into two teams. Team A is "it". Team A must chase team B and try to tag them. If a member of team B is tagged, s/he becomes "frozen" in his/her place until a member of his/her team (B) "unfreezes" him/her. A time limit is set and play continues until the time is up, or until all of team B is "frozen. If all of team A is "frozen" by the end of the time limit, team A wins. If not, team B wins.

Hint: Use a time limit of 5-10 minutes.

Family Trees

Fruit Basket In a circle, call the types or the whole basket to change chairs.

Fifty-Fifty Advanced Hide & Seek / It

Follow My Leader Copy the actions and guess whos the leader

Give Us A Clue - Charades

Get Off My Land - Stand on the chairs and get chsed till someone gets off!

Giant Board Game

Gladiators Contestants Are you ready..?


Human Pyramid

Hide n Seek

Hot Potatoes dont hold the ball for too long!

Huggy Bears Get into groups of certain numbers while the music plays!

Humming Game 2 teams wholl last the longest (dont take a breath)

Ibble Dibbles how many will you get on your hand?

I-Spy - ...with my little eye


TYPE: Active

Play in a circle

All of the players take the name of an Israeli city. One person is chosen to be in the middle and s/he removes his/her chair from the circle. The person in the middle is the "postman". The postman then announces the arrival of a letter from city (X) to city (y). The two players using those cities names must exchange seats without letting the postman sit down on one of their chairs. The player left without a seat becomes the new "postman" and the play continues.

Variation: To add a little extra excitement allow the postman to also announce a "special delivery". If s/he calls for a "special delivery", all the players must exchange seats at once.

Variation: Instead of using just cities in Israel, you can use: Moshavim, Kibbutzim, geographical regions (e.g. the Negev, Galil, etc.), mountains, etc.


I Pass you a.... Cup, Spoon, Ball, Spaceship

Jimll Fix It

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jerry Springer Show or Ricki, or Montel, or Oprah, or Trisha, or Esther.

Just A Minute Talk no a subject with no hesitation, deviation or repetition

Knock, knock, Who's There?

Ladders 2 teams, lie on the floor paired, feet together & race according to their no.s

Lucky Ladders (no relation)

Levitation careful as you do this!


TYPE: Active

One chair less than the number of players are set up in a line, every other one facing the same direction (see diagram). A "leader" is chosen. The players must walk around the chairs following the leader, doing everything he does (i.e. clapping, jumping, etc.). Whenever the leader sits down everyone must do the same. The player left without a chair is out of the game and takes a chair with him. Play continues until only one player remains.

Mock Trials

Mummies and Babies - standing and sitting wink to fill the empty chair.

My Grandmother went to Israel...

Mr & Mrs How much do you know about your partner.

Mind Your Manners!

Mornington Crescent
whats the connection between all the station names etc?


Machanaim 2 teams, a catcher on a chair each side and lets play!

Mallets Mallet 2 people, word association

Newspaper Game

Noughts and Crosses

Obstacle Course

One Knee, Two Knee dont drop the ball!

Party Quirks whats each guests quirk?



Postmans Knock




Shufflebottoms move those bottoms around the circle of close chairs!

Shaving Balloons


TYPE: Active

Play in a circle

The players are seated in a circle. One player is chosen to lead the game, and s/he removes his/her chair from the circle. The object is for the player to steal" a seat from another player, and sit in it. To do this, the leader uses three commands:

Shinui Yemin- Everyone must shift one seat to the right.

Shinui Smol- Everyone must shift one seat to the left.

Shinui Shinui- Everyone must run to any other chair and sit in it (except the two chairs on either side of him/her).

The leader can use any command to gain a seat. When s/he gets a seat, the player left without a seat becomes the new leader and play continues.

Shoe Game


Stand Up/Sit Down/Lie Down acting but make sure youre doing the right motion!

Song Game

Scruples What would you do in a certain situation?

Stuck In The Mud

Strike It Lucky

Soap Families

Snakes & Ladders


Simon Says

Scavenger Hunt


TYPE: Active

Different situations must be written down on slips of paper beforehand (i.e. digging a hole, reading a newspaper, swimming, etc).

The group is divided into two teams. Team A goes first. The leader sets a time limit of 2 or 3 minutes per team. As soon as team A's time begins, the first person from team A goes to the leader and receives a situation. This player must act out the situation for his team until they guess what it is (if they can't guess the situation they can "pass" and skip it). After they guess the situation, the second person goes to the leader and receives a different situation, etc. For every situation guessed within the time limit the team receives one point. Then the next team has a turn. Each team gets X turns. The team with the most points wins.

Variation: All of the teams act out the same situations at the same time. The team to guess what that situation is first gets the points.

The Price Is Right Whats the item worth?

Treasure Hunt

Truth or Dare

Tape Recording

Trust Games

Twenty Questions


This Is Your Life


Video Evening

Wheel Of Fortune

Wink Murder


TYPE: Quiet

Four teams are chosen. Each team selects one player to be on the panel. The panel is then blindfolded. Another player, the leader or a "special guest" is chosen as the "mystery guest". The four members can ask only "yes" or "no" questions to discover the identity of the "mystery guest". Each time the mystery guest" answers "no", the next person on the panel has a chance to ask the questions. The panel can ask questions until the identity of-the guest speaker is discovered or they accumulate ten "no" answers. Whichever member of the panel guesses the identity scores one point for his team.

Variation: To add more of an educational aspect to the game, have the mystery guest assume the role of a famous person in history, the community, etc. In this variation it is not necessary to blindfold the panellists.

Whats My Hobby? Just like Whats my Line?

Whats the time Mr Wolf? Move forward whilst the wolf has his / her back turned!

Wide Game

If you can think of a game beginning with X, please contact us at the Bayit!

Youve Been Framed


TYPE: Quiet

Play in a circle

A player is chosen by the leader. That player must ask the other players questions. The object is for them to avoid answering the questions with yes, no, black, or white. The player who uses any of these words is "out." The last X number of players "in," win.

Variation: Whoever uses one of those words changes places with the person asking the questions.

Zoo Game

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