Take The Mag - קח את המאג

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Resource Type: Peula in: English
Age: 13-20
Group Size: 5-50
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Resource Goal

 Make chanichim understand the power and responsibility they have to help others

Resource Contents

Opening: In a dark room set up a video of Daniel Mendel  and a picture of him on the wall with candles ( set a vibe)

Even before the walk into the room, outside will be some hard “army” exercises  get them tired and warn out.  ( push ups, suicides, sit ups, stand in a line- run to the other side ad get back into a line in a minute, give them more things to do and set times)

Once the chanies are tired and have felt the challenge, then we will bring them into the dark room that has been set up.

Once they sit down we wil play the movie about daniels life. And after one of the maddies will get up and explain the story of “kach et ha’mag”

Then we will split up into groups.

Maddie per group and have a discussion:

  1. What can you understand from Daniels story?
  2. What would you do in that situation?
  3. What does the mag represents (difficulties in life)?
  • What mag do they carry? (the maddie should their own mag story that way the chanis will follow with theirs)
  • After we saw that when we have difficulties and challenges (the mag) in life we have the right people to help us to overcome, and now when we overcome we have enough power to help ours friends and family to carry the mag.

4.       The maddie should tell a personal story of a time he helped a friend

5.       Each channie should tell a story or decide on something they now will do to help others

The maddie should explain that we always go through hard times and need a person there to help. Sometimes WE need to be that person who looks not only at our own issues but also looks out for friends to help them too.  ( not necceserily conclude but help the channies open there eyes and realize what good they can do)

As a shichva, each person individually should pay attention to the other, as a group you can get far, once you realize the coach of a group you can achieve a lot.

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 help, assist, ben adam lachavero, yom yazikaron, army, soldier, chayal, hard times, difficulty

חייל, צבא, יום הזיכרון, בין אדם לחברו, לעזור לזולת, קשיים

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