Israeli Postman

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TYPE: Active

Play in a circle

All of the players take the name of an Israeli city.  One person is chosen to be in the middle and s/he removes his/her chair from the circle.  The person in the middle is the "postman".  The postman then announces the arrival of a letter from city (X) to city (y). The two players using those cities names must exchange seats without letting the postman sit down on one of their chairs.  The player left without a seat becomes the new "postman" and the play continues.


Variation:   To add a little extra excitement allow the postman to also announce a "special delivery".  If s/he calls for a "special delivery", all the players must exchange seats at once.

Variation:   Instead of using just cities in Israel, you can use: Moshavim, Kibbutzim, geographical regions (e.g. the Negev, Galil, etc.), mountains, etc.

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