One Frog

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Age: 10-18
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Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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TYPE: Quiet

Play in a circle

The first player starts by saying "one frog." The second player says "two eyes." The third player says "four legs." The fourth player says "kerplunk," and the fifth person says "in the puddle." From that point on, each statement is doubled.  For example, the sixth person says "two frogs," the seventh says "four eyes," the ninth says "kerplunk," the tenth says "kerplunk," and the eleventh says "in the puddle" ("in the puddle is said once no matter what round it is), etc.  Any player who makes a mistake is out.  The last X players win.


Variation:  Add hand motions to the game.  All of the players together: (1) slap their knees, (2) clap their hands, (3) snap their right fingers, and (4) snap their left fingers.  On the right snap, the player whose turn it is says the first word and on the left snap he says the second word.  Any player who does the wrong motions or says the wrong words is out.

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