Israel Shabbat!!! - ISRAEL SHABBAT!!!

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Resource Type: Peula in: English
Age: 8-14
Group Size: 10-50
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Required Props & Materials

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE: 5000 in monopoly money to give each of your two groups (4x500, 20x100, 20x50); an auction sheet (with prices of everything); cards for the different items (to give to the group that buys them); yishuv cards.

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MADRICHIM: please make sure that you sit down with your chanichim and give them this explanation BEFORE you start with the auction. That way, they understand the importance of the choices they have to make in deciding what to bargain for, and what price they are willing to pay. This can be a really meaningful, and really fun, peula.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE: 5000 in monopoly money to give each of your two groups (4x500, 20x100, 20x50); an auction sheet (with prices of everything); cards for the different items (to give to the group that buys them); yishuv cards.

INTRODUCTION: Everything listed on the auction sheet is an important part of any community, and is essential in a yishuv. ***But when you only have limited resources (money, manpower, womanpower, etc) how do you decide what to get? You need to prioritize, and make some very difficult decisions. What do YOU (the chanichim, the yishuv builders) feel is the most important and essential? What is easier to sacrifice, and what are the possible consequences of those sacrifices? When you choose, for example, a Russian ulpan over an Ethiopian absorbtion center, or a soup kitchen over an old aged home, keep in mind that there is someone who is a part of Am Yisrael that you are alienating. Yet, despite the fact that all of these decisions are difficult, they have to be made in order to build the yishuv.

We have to always keep in mind that Israel is an amazingly diverse place that it has in it so many different people with different cultures but we have to consider everyone in our plans always, because everyone is a part of Am Israel. That is the reason we need to unite today because we could all accomplish so much more and fulfill the goal of the Jewish people so much better all together, each contributing his/herown part.

THE AUCTION: Split the chanichim into 2 groups. Each group represents a group of people who want to build their own yishuv. Give each group 5,000 shekels (following breakdown of 5000: 4x500, 20x100, 20x50), a yishuv card (that will tell them very basically what yishuv theyre building) and 10 minutes to look over the auction list and discuss. If necessary, explain to them how an auction works (bidding is in increments of 50). Stress to them that the other team will very likely raise the bid, so they need to decide when it has become too costly, because there are other things they need to buy as well. When they are having difficulties during the auction, help them and give them assistance in their decision-making. Remember: no decision is a wrong one.

Lastly, remember to have fun! Do the auctioning in some crazy voice to keep the interest up: Ok, time for the park, its 150 do I hear 200? 200? 200!!! 200 going one, going twice 250! 250, 250 going once 300!!! 300 going once, going twice, SOLD! To the team next to the wall! J

EXTRA: you probably wont have time left, but just in case you do. Dont hesitate to play with them any Israel game you can think of (shalosh maklot, dag maluach, sardinnes, tifsuni, mafia [whatever] for explanation see netanel, naomi, shanie, or diklit).

From, your friendly neighborhood peula writers,

Netanel, Shanie, Diklit, Naomi, Gila, Anna, and Yoni, Cleveland

Soup Kitchen

Old Age Home


Russian Ulpan

Ethipian Absorbtion center

Mizrachi Shul

Sepharadi Shul

Ashkenazi Shul

Bnei Akiva Snif

Jewish Day School






Security Guards

Hardware Store

Health Clinic/Hospital

Community Culture Center


Yishuv SEMEL

Middle of the Negev hot, dry during the day, but cooler at night because it is in the dessert. It is situated 1000 miles from the nearest town.


In the center of the country. A rainy area although a humid place. A green area near hills and plant-filled plains. It is within 200 miles of Tel Aviv.

Auction !!!


(Bidding is in 50 increments)

Soup Kitchen 250

Cemetery 400

Russian Ulpan 100

Ethiopian Absorption Center 1000

Mizrachi Shul 800

Sepharadi Shul 800

Ashkenazi Shul 800

Bnei Akiva Snif 100

School 1000

Park 150

Library 500

Supermarket 800

Museum 500

Industry 1000

Security Guards 500

Hardware Store 150

Old Age Home 250

Health Clinic/Hospital 300

Community Culture Center 400

Mikvah 300

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