Samurai Warrior Game

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Age: 10-18
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Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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·        Samurai Warrior Game – The first thing you need to remember about this game is to be imaginative and fun. Tell your chanichim the story of the samurais. “Once, long ago, there was a tribe in the barren lands of Japan who had a special war ceremony to get them ready for battle that occurred once a year” etc. your chanichim need to think of a war cry for the samurais as well as a pre-battle hand gesture and bow. Before you start get a pair of chans to at out the battle to show how it’s done. Each chanich/a is given a partner and places his/her left hand behind their back. They have to shout their war cry, make their hand gesture, bow and begin their battle. They have to touch the other person’s left hand behind their back. Once one partner has won s/he moves on to the winner of another pair. The final pair will battle it out for king or queen samurai.

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