דגש על הצניעות, כבוד עצמי ואיך אנשים אחרים מגיבים אליך בהתאם לצורת הלבוש שלך

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Introduction To A Beit Knesset

To introduce the topic of Beit Knesset and cover the basics of the shuls and its avrious functions and halachot.

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Making Matzot

תמונות והסברים של הכנת מצות במפעל

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Letters To Label Itself


Descubrir la capacidad de apertura de los participantes Descubrir las características de personalidad de cada participante.

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Aanbevolen Links

We will remember all of them
We will remember all of them
Name list of all the soldiers who were killed in the israeli wars, their pictures and their life stories. Missives and letters to the bereaved famlies from "Sar Habitachon" (The security minister) Information about Yom Hazikaron Haklali
Matach site- Tu Bishvat
Matach site- Tu Bishvat
History about Tu Bishvat
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Ohr Somayach- Chanuka
History, stories, laws (Mitzvot) & alot of articles about chanuka