The Religious Chalutz


To define the religious chalutz by:

1.   placing him into the context of  the groups present in pre-State Israel and

2.   presenting the balance of being religious and building the Land, which the religious chalutzim maintained.

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Presentation About Nachshon Vazman

מצגת קצרה שנותנת תאריכים ומידע מתומצט מיום חטיפתו ועד הירצחו של נחשון וקסמן

המצגת מתאימה כחלק מפעולה בנושא

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Korte Artikelen
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Building Israel King David Style

What is more important in a Jewish country? Torah institutions or secular insitutions?

To have the Chanichim pretend that they are King David and have the oppurtunity to build up our Jewish homeland.

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