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Agradecer A Dios

ver lo que significa agrader a Dios

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The Gap Between Cultures

מטרות הפעולה:

1) למידה כי עם ישראל מכונס ממקומות רבים ושונים וזוהי דתנו וארצנו המאחדת אותנו לכדי עם אחד.

2) הבנה כי עלינו לשפוט את הסובבים אותנו ע"פ אופיים ולא ע"פ עדתם.

3) הכרה של העדות המרכיבות את העם בישראל.

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The Years Leading Up To The Churban


 The objective of this peulah is to give kids an understanding of the years leading up to the churban. Chances are the chanichim do not know too much about this time period. Points to be discussed 

The split between Judah and the rest of


The various kings that ruled.

The reign of Hezekiah, his trouble with Sennacherib, and his water supply for


Menasseh, the idol worshipping king of


While understanding the history of the time is the main objective of this peulah the game will try to demonstrate how the split in

Israel was bad for the Jewish people

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Pesach And Leadership

the chanichim should think about the importance of leadership and how

leadership impacted Yetziat Mitzrayim and the Jewish people today. They also

should think about how they can lead their friends and community too.

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Korte Artikelen
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