Anti-semitism And The Holocaust


1. You will begin to understand the nature and uniqueness of the Holocaust.

2. You should be able to begin to understand the enormity of the "war" against the Jews.

3. You should begin to understand that the Shoah was perpetrated by human beings - normal people who were fathers, mothers, architects, lawyers, engineers, doctors, church-goers, cultured people.

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Toe Bishwat Vragen

De Chanichim testen op hun kennis over Toe Bishwat.

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Capital Of Jerusalem

Representacion de los diferentes puntos de viusta en cuanto a la division de ierushalaim, capital unica y eterna de Eretz Hakodesh!

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Kiddush Hashem- 3 Cardinal Sins

Goals: Teach about Shfichut Damim, Gilui Arayot and Avodah Zara, the three cardinal sins. Discuss why, even though life is so sacred, we are obligated to die instead of committing them.

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