להבין שהפגיעה האמיתית ברצח רבין היה למעשה הפגיעה בעם, בחוזקו ובאיחודו.

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Jerusalem- Song Sheet

שירון עם שירי ירושלים

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Mia- Our Soldiers

A PPT about the MIA with pics of each one of them

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Kibbutz Galuyot - Hamedina

Convey the importance of

Israel being a place for Kibbutz Galuyot and a place for all Jews.

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Who's Land Is It Anyway?

1. To learn about the events surrounding the

cave of


2. To think about what it means to have a right to

Israel - What does or should ownership entail?

3. To understand the responsibility that goes hand in hand with possession.

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Aanbevolen Links

We will remember all of them
We will remember all of them
Name list of all the soldiers who were killed in the israeli wars, their pictures and their life stories. Missives and letters to the bereaved famlies from "Sar Habitachon" (The security minister) Information about Yom Hazikaron Haklali
Succot from Kipa
Succot from Kipa
Shiurim and educational ideas about Succot
מי היה הרב נריה
מי היה הרב נריה
info about Rav Nerya from Yeshivot Bnei Akiva site