Lashon Hara

*como los chismes pasan de boca en boca mientras van creciendo

*chismes o lashon hara son golpes mas dolorosos que los golpes físicos

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Building Israel King David Style

What is more important in a Jewish country? Torah institutions or secular insitutions?

To have the Chanichim pretend that they are King David and have the oppurtunity to build up our Jewish homeland.

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Find These Places On The Map

Goal: To place the name on the map

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Tifzoret For Tishrey

תפזורת לחגי תשרי

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How To Tell A (good) Story

to teach the chanichim how to give/tell a successful story

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Marking 40 to Jerusalem kit
Marking 40 to Jerusalem kit
A kit to mark 40 years to Jerusalem. Include- Peulot, presentations, videos, Divrey Torah, etc., in Hebrew and English