Remembrance And Renewal-yom Haatzmaut (peula...

The chanichim should leave the sicha understanding

(1) The power of Yom Haatzmaut how all these different Jews came together to fight as an Am and why it was it was so important for the Jews in 1948 to have an independent Jewish State.

(2) The battle for Yom Haatzmaut applies to us today and we can only truly appreciate geulah by looking at Yom Haatzmaut as part of a cycle of Yom Hashoah and Yom HaZicaron.

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The Security Fence

Aims OF Peula:

To learn that there is a security fence and its purpose

To understand that

Israel has a right to defend itself and has a deep caring for human life

To realise that

Israel has been singled out unfairly

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Kiddush Hashem- Asara Harugei Malchut

Goals: Teach about the situation with the Asara Harugei Malchut, mentioning several by name; Teach the halachot of Kiddush Hashem in a time of religious persecution.

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Purim Play

Ahumorousplay for Purim about the Megila

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