To teach the chanachim that the source of “tzionut” in Hebrew literally is “tzion” – one of the names of Yerushalyim. Tzionut is a longing for Yerushalyim.  But that is not how we have come to understand it.  We understand it as a love of

Israel, (Yerushalyim included in that) encompassing that of both modern day Midinat

Israel and of the “Old”


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They Built Our State

Goal: To teach the chanichim as much as possible about the people who influenced the state of


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Lihiyot Yehudi

To teach the chanachim about what it is to be a jew and the history of Israel throughout the 20th century.

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Crossword Puzzle For Shavuot

מטרת ההפעלה: להכיר את שמות החג, אמרות, מושגים ואישים הקשורים בחג השבועות ובמגילת רות.

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Hakamat Hamedina - Ma'apilim

Explain that before the State of Israel, Jews had to be smuggled into

Israel, emphasize the desire of the Jews for a homeland, and the effort it took to achieve.

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