Working Against The Prejudices: The Arab-isra...

That chanichim will understand that the issues between the Israelis and Arabs are very difficult and have to be dealt with fairly. No matter how many israelis they kill; it does not mean we can just go say kill all of the arabs. Most arabs are not involved with the attacks + every life is worth something.

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I Wish That I Had Duckfeet

To appreciate what we have – our world, who we are and where/how we grew up

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Ben Adam L'chavera - Kol Yisrael Areivim Ze L...

A peula with this theme does not present a difficult concept for chanichim to take in. But there should be more depth to it that just being nice to each other games. Snif should end with a feeling of caring about other people.

But such a peula could work on several levels dealing with the following:

i. Our responsibilities towards our friends

ii. Our responsibilities towards those people we know or know about who are less fortunate than ourselves (e.g. the elderly)

iii. Our responsibilities to less fortunate Jews in other parts of the world

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Oach- Tu Bishvat
The education of goverment made a fantastic site. with Tu Bishvat Seder, Pics, songs, Mitzvot about eretz yisrael etc.