De Holocaust - De tweede wereldoorlog

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Anti-semitism And The Holocaust


1. You will begin to understand the nature and uniqueness of the Holocaust.

2. You should be able to begin to understand the enormity of the "war" against the Jews.

3. You should begin to understand that the Shoah was perpetrated by human beings - normal people who were fathers, mothers, architects, lawyers, engineers, doctors, church-goers, cultured people.

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Ba During The Holocaust

להציף את העובדה שבני עקיבא הייתה קיימת בזמן השואה וכי אנשים פעלו עם התנועה ועל פי ערכי התנועה.

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Deprogramming The Masses Since 1547

To show the Chanichim the importance of keeping the memories of Holocaust survivors alive and learning the arguments of Holocaust deniers and how to refute them.

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Emuna After The Holocaust


לדון בבעיית האמונה שהתעוררה בעקבות השואה.

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Korte Artikelen

From The Diary Of Donia Rosen

A short article for Yom Ha'Shoaa

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Korte Artikelen

God Died In Auschwitz

שני הקטעים- "מות האלוהים" של חיים חפר והתגובה "אלוהים לא מת באושוויץ" של ישראל וולמן

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