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Recommended Links

Chabad- Tishrei Chabad- Tishrei
Torah Tots Torah Tots
a site full of fun activities and games for all festivals. There are activities for shabbat, Birchot Hashachar, learning the alef-bet and more. You could also find a summary for this week's Parsha and colour pictures of the Parsha.
Yetziat Mizrayim- Short Movie Yetziat Mizrayim- Short Movie
Coloring pages Coloring pages
Elections 2009 Elections 2009
PPT, Pics & etc about the coming election 2009
archive movies about Israel archive movies about Israel
170 movies in different subjects, before & after the establishing of medinat Israel
Kids Hagada for Pesach Kids Hagada for Pesach
Zolo- Chanuka Zolo- Chanuka