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So far you guys have heard a lot about what bnei akiva is about so I thought Id also take some time to explain to you all what being a madrich is being about.

For some of you this might your first time being a madrich or madricha, you might be more used to being on the other end, while for some of you, this might be a lot of chazara, as u've been doing this for years, but I think that its always good to go over why your doing this and to really internalize it, because I really fell that if your gonna do something if your going to commit to something- you have to really be passionate about it and believe in it, so Im going to give you guys a few insights on why it is so important to be a madrich.

Basically being a madrich is going to be one of the most amazing, inspirational, fun, awesome, and most rewarding things that you are going to do!!! Dugma Isheet, being a madrich is the most important thing ever. We all have that story of that one counselor, of madrich or NCSY advisor that really affected us. Why? Because, as kids, as young adults, as college students, we need role models. People to talk to, have fun with, look up to. People we can look to and say this is who I want to be. It helps us grow so much as people and it helps us grow religiously also. This has been proven in studies, its like people who had older people as role models and influences growing up are less likely to rob banks. It has an effect on us. So in being a madrich 1st of all its totally fun and rewarding for us, and at the same time, were really having an effect on these kids, which is really cool. Its a win-win situation.

Youll become friends with your kids, youll look forward to sniff and its the coolest thing to see how excited they are to see you every week. Extend kesher to outside sniff (pizza store, elementary school.)

The kids look up to you and will copy everything you do. You are the coolest person ever to them. (Peulah where kid lay down and madrich stood over him- its true!)

-Dugmah isheeet language, how you treat the other madrichim, how you treat the kids, how you daven!!!!

Rosh Gadol- help out, take initiative see kid is talking, shush him, see kids are running away, catch them, see kids pouring soda on ground- tell them to stop!

Be excited! Ruach makes or breaks a peulah- the best peulah ever will bomb if madrichim are apathetic. The worst peulah will rock if madrichim are into it. The peulah could be paint watching, it will rock if madrich makes it cool and fun!

Be inspired!!! SNIFF IS NOT SHABBOS GROUPS!!! Importance of the tnuach and what we are trying to teach Torah, Am Israel and Eretz Israel and the importance of Am Israel BEretz Israel the most important thing today is to do chinuch, to teach, to pass on to other what we know. In bnei akiva we do this is the most fun way possible, though games and a great atmosphere we teach these kids the important values of bnei akiva and of Judaism in general. This is soooooo much more then shabbos groups this is avodat hakodesh and you have to be totally inspired and passionate about it.

Bnei Akiva is an international tnuah! Kids all over the world are doing the same thing you are doing shabbos afternoons- sniff!! Unifying and just really cool, your part of something huge!! And something great!!

The Top 10 Tips On Being A Great Madrich/a!

  • Dugmah Isheet The chanichim look up to you and will copy everything you do! (Language, how you treat your fellow madrichim.) Youre a role model. That can be very cool but know that its a big responsibility.

  • Tocho KBoro Literally, your inside should be as your outside. Never try to fake out the chanichim because theyll always see right through you. Speak to the chanichim the way youd like an adult to speak to you.

  • Be friends with the kids and get to know them! Its a great feeling to see how excited the kids are to see you each week.

  • Rosh Gadol - Be conscious of what is happening in the peulah and with the chanichim. Stand up and do something if you see it needs to be done. Take initiative as a leader and help out without being asked by the Roshei Sniff.

  • Speak to the kids outside Bnei Akiva!! If you see them at the local pizza store, go over and say hi. The keshers (connections) we make with these kids should be for the whole week, not just sniff.

  • Ruach Get into the peulot and be enthusiastic!! If youre exciting about a peulah, even if its the lamest peulah ever, the chanichim will get into it because their super cool madrich is into it.

  • Discipline If chanichim are being troublemakers, youll have to speak to them. But there is a way to be strict without being mean. Try to do it in a calm and pleasant manner. Look at the issue from both sides, and never physically hit or push the chanich.

  • Work together!! Youre part of a great team. You have your fellow madrichim to rely on and your Roshei Sniff. We all have different talents and strengths. Only by working together we can make Fairlawn Sniff the best that it can be!!

  • Be inspired!! Youre not just running shabbos groups, youre part of a huge tnuach (movement) where all over the world, whether it be in South Africa, France or Israel, chanichim and madrichim get together for sniff Shabbat afternoons and learn about Torah, Eretz Israel and Am Israel! You are helping to be mechanech (teach) the next generation about the important values of Bnei Akiva and of Judaism in general!!

  • Have Fun!! A great madrich/a is a happy one!! Have fun with the peulot and chanichim and have a great time!

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