Parsha Questions: Vahakel - פרשת ויקהל

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Resource Contents
  1. Who was in charge of building the mishkan? (Betzalel)
  2. What was the ephod? (the apron)
  3. Who wore this? (cohen gadol)
  4. what colors were the ephod? (either blue, purple or gold – hint: same as tzitzit – tchelet)
  5. there were special stones/jewels that were put on the ephod. Where on the ephod were they attached? (shoulders of the ephod)
  6. what was the choshen? (chestplate)
  7. How many stones were there on the choshen? (12)
  8. What was written on these stones? (the names of the 12 tribes)
  9. What did these stones represent? (the 12 tribes)
  10. How did the choshen help the jews make decisions? What would happen when they asked it a question? (the letters of the answer would light up in the names of the tribes writted on the choshen)
  11. who wore the choshen? (cohen gadol)
  12. what was the me’il (coat)
  13. What color was the me’il? (blue-tchelet)
  14. what was the tzitz? (head band)
  15. what was written on the tzitz (kodesh l’hashem)
  16. who wore the tzitz? (cohen gadol)
  17. What parts of their body did the kohanim have to wash b4 doing the service (hands and feet)
  18. did the cohanim wear shoes in the mishkan? (no)
  19. why? **bonus*** (bc the ground was holy and their shouldn’t be a separation btwn them and the ground)
  20. After everything was built, who put the mishkan together? (moshe)
  21. After everything was brought into the mishkan, what descended and covered the mishkan? (the cloud of hashem)
  22. when hashem wanted the jews in the desert to pack up and go to the next stop what would happen? (the cloud would rise above the mishkan)
  23. what would happen when hashem wanted the jews to stop in the desert and set up camp? (the cloud would stop and descend).


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