Parsha Questions – Ki Tisa - חידון- פרשת כי תישא

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FIRST ALIYAH: (ch. 30 v. 11)

״ Why would I use the following phrase to count a Minyan: Fuzzy wuzzy was

a bear, Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair.?

״ Why dont we duplicate the recipe for the incense today?

״ Who was the architect of the Mishkan?

״ On Shabbat morning, after these verses one may eat!

SECOND ALIYAH: (ch. 31 v. 18)

״ What font was used for the tablets?

״ What is the reason Bnai Yisrael gave for making the golden calf?

״ Moshe did something, which is usually associated with a Sotah (a woman

whose husband suspects her of being unfaithful)?

״ What does Moshe do with the tent?

THIRD ALIYAH: (ch. 33 v. 12)

״ What ultimatum does Moshe give God?

״ In what way are the Jewish people distinguished from the other nations?

FOURTH ALIYAH: (ch. 33 v. 17)

״ What human body parts are attributed to God?

״ What does Moshe ask of God?   

FIFTH ALIYAH: (ch. 34 v. 1)

״ What would be written on the second tablets?

״ How many attributes of mercy are there?

SIXTH ALIYAH: (ch. 34 v. 10)


״ Why wouldnt the Jews be allowed to make a treaty with the inhabitants of

the Land?

״ Can an exception be made to work on Shabbat during the busy season

when every day is important?

״ Who is required to go up to Jerusalem 3 times a year?

SEVENTH ALIYAH: (ch. 34 v. 27)

״ What did Moshe drink while he was on the mountain?

״ What was the purpose of the tablets?

״ Why did Moshe put a veil on his face?



A Because one is prohibited to count people (30,12), so any sentence with 10

words would work to represent the Minyan.

A It is punishable by death.

A Betzalel.

A 31, 16-17 (kiddush)


A The finger of God.

A Because this man Moshe, we know not what has become of him.

A He gave the people to drink a concoction, which included the ground calf.

This drink served to show if you had worshipped the idol.

A He pitches it out of the camp and calls it Ohel Moed  tent of meeting



A If your presence is not with us, dont take us out of here.

A That God goes with the Jewish People.


A (Mouth), eyes, face, hand, back.


A To see Gods glory


A The same things that were written on the first.

A 13.


A Lest they be a snare in our midst.

A No. (34,21) The verse specifically states that even during harvest and

plowing time everyone must rest.

A The males.


A Nothing!

A Testimony.

A Because his face was radiant.




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