Shemot - Yerushalayim

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Resource Contents

Adonay Yireh The Lord is seen (Gen 22:14) 
Ariel Lion of God (Is 29:1) 
Betulah Virgin (Lam 1:16) 
Drushah Sought After (Is 62:12) 
Gai Hizayon Valley of Vision (Is 22:1) 
Gilah Joy (Is 65:18) 
Ir Ha'Elohim City of God (Ps 87:2) 
Ir Ha'Emet City of Truth (Zech 8:3) 
Jebus (Judges 19:10) 
Kir City (Ezek 13:14) 
Kiriyah Aliza Joyful City (Is 22:2) 
Kiryat Hannah David City Where (Is 29:1) David Camped 
Kiryah Ne'emanah Faithful City (Is 1:25) 
Klilat Yoffi Paragon of Beauty (Lam 2:15) 
Moriah (Gen 22:2) 
Neveh Zedek Righteous Dwelling (Jer 31:22) 
Oholivah My Tent is in Her (Ezek 23:4) 
Shalem Peace (Whole) (Gen 14:18)

Tzur Hamishor 

Rock of the Plain (Jer )


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