G.22. Catch The Dragon's Tale

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Age: 10-18
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Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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G.22. Catch the Dragon's Tale

Choose a good-sized area for this event, clear of obstacles, such as trees.
About eight to ten people line up, one behind the other. Now everyone puts their arms around the waist of the person in front. The last person in line tucks a handkerchief in the back of his or her belt.
To work up steam, the dragon might want to let out a few roars!
At the signal, the dragon begins chasing its own tail, the object being for the person at the head of the line to snatch the handkerchief. The tricky part of this epic struggle is that the people at the front and the people at the end are clearly competing – but the folks in the middle aren’t sure which way to go.
When the head finally captures the tail, who’s the victor and who’s the defeated? Everyone! The head dons the handkerchief and becomes the new tail, while second from the front becomes the new head.

Two dragons trying to catch each other’s tails is formidable – and also a great game.

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