Shiur - Aula

Pilegesh B'givah

Goal: The chanichim should understand why Pilgesh B’Givah was such a horrible event – because it happened in a Jewish town by Jewish people, and how absence of leadership in Am Israel at this time allowed this to happen.

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Peula - Atividade

Shalom V'lo Lhitraot

this year has gone by very fast, we’ve done many things and now as hard as it is to believe we are close to the end of this year.

This year we focused on 3 main topics- Bnei-akiva [Torah and Avodah],  

Israel and  issues that are “Ben adam l’chavero”. The goal of this peula is to summarize those 3 topics and show the connection between them

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Modern Hieroglyphics

a set of “Modern Hieroglyphics” from Jim Cain, which are fun and challenging.  You need to discover the phrase represented by the picture.  These challenges are probably a bit too hard for younger chanichim,

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D.3. Gripes Auction

This is a good non-specific ventilation exercise for tension, but the trick is to keep it light-hearted, encourage a fair amount of noisy competition - and not to let it get tedious: not all the gripes need to be sold.

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