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Tishrey Trivia

30 Q about Tishrey & the holidays

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The Lost Island

Relacion del cuento La Isla Perdida con los ASERET IEMEI TESHUVA

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Self Reliance

Goal:To emphasize the importance of self reliance in building up your own land and creating your own country as compared to the dependence on others which the Jews of the Old Yishuv (who primarily survived on donations from Chutz La'Aretz) represented.

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מטרות :    

1.      שהחניכים יבינו את משמעותו של הזמן כמסגרת, שניתן להכניס בתוכה תוכן.

   2.  שהחניכים ישאפו לנצל את זמנם.

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