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Are You A Good Jew?

To explain to your chanichim that it is not one characteristic that defines a good Jew, but there are many different types of Jews and we can’t really judge which is the best. There is no the best Jew! BUT the many different types of Jews all contribute to the idea of the Jewish identity.

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The Entrance To The Kotel

להראות את קדושת ירושלים וקדושת הכותל

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Mono pessah

Jeu sur pessah (mono poly..)

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Jerusalem In Pics

18 שקופיות עם תמונות רנדומליות של ירושלים

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kef kef kef
This website has been created to enable youth groups from around the world to have a central place in which to store, collect and share games. The goal of the games is to unify the children. Examles for games; beat it, samurai, concentration and more.
Israels Posters
Israels Posters
A kit with posters and Peulot about 60 years to the State of Israel, and - 40 years to Jerusalem.