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Shiur - Aula

Gidon: The Reluctant Leader


The chanichim will discuss what leadership characteristics we can see in Gidon, and why he was chosen to be the Shofet.

The chanichim will discuss why Gidon refused at first to accept the leadership of being a shofet, and if this is an appropriate response. They will discuss the questions: How does one balance being humble with stepping up to be a leader? How does one go from doubting oneself as a leader to realizing their potential?

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Peula - Atividade

It's Not Me


1.      החניך יבין את הצורך לעצור ולבדוק מה עשיתי השנה.

2.      החניך יבין שהוא ורק הוא אחראי לחייו.

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Peula - Atividade

Different And Still Equal

To show how it feels to be different and to learn to accept people and treat them with respect.

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Why Are We Planting On This Date?

הקשר בין ט"ו בשבט לנטיעת אילנות התפתח רק לקראת סוף המאה הקודמת בחוגי מבשרי התנועה הציונית.

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