Regels Voor De Negen Dagen

het nog maar eens herhalen van de regels voor de negen dagen.

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Peula - Atividade

המירוץ אל המדורה

משחק מסלול לקבוצות לקראת ל"ג בעומר

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Remembrance And Renewal-yom Ha'atzmaut (sicha...

The chanichim should leave the sicha understanding

(1)   The power of Yom Ha’atzmaut – how all these different Jews came together to fight as an Am and why it was it was so important for the Jews in 1948 to have an independent Jewish State.

(2)   The battle for Yom Ha’atzmaut applies to us today and we can only truly appreciate it when looking at it as part of a cycle of the hardships of Jewish History (Yom Hashoah and Yom HaZicaron).

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Shiur - Aula

Gidon: The Reluctant Leader


The chanichim will discuss what leadership characteristics we can see in Gidon, and why he was chosen to be the Shofet.

The chanichim will discuss why Gidon refused at first to accept the leadership of being a shofet, and if this is an appropriate response. They will discuss the questions: How does one balance being humble with stepping up to be a leader? How does one go from doubting oneself as a leader to realizing their potential?

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